$10,000 Reward for Victims of Corruption

Dr. Ghosh has a bone to pick with corruption in California by his local government after becoming a victim of a penny-ante city of Berkeley official who caused Dr. Ghosh to lose his home of 17 years, displacing his tenants, his non-profit and his temple activity center. He became one of the nation’s worst victim of elder abuse and gross injustice. Even with the support of Nobel Laureate Charles H. Townes, Father of Laser (supported by his colleagues and friends), and the embassies of two governments (India and Bangladesh), the City of Berkeley refused to back down.

For the purpose of supporting those who have been similarly targeted, and exposing the larger pattern of corruption, a concerned individual (not associated with the campaign) has offered to award $10k total to victim/s who have suffered gross injustice and fraud, corruption and elder abuse and systemic racism by a liberal city government – knowingly or unknowingly supported by the highest levels – to protect the status quo.  

If you believe you qualify, for further details please contact us and provide a brief summary of your story with all relevant evidence and your current email address. We will forward this information to the individual who is interested to hear your story. All information must be submitted by the 31st of December, 2018, with some case-by-case extension exemptions.

For additional evidence, see the testimony of Dr. Ghosh’s tenant, Felix Motzoi, PhD:

Felix Motzoi (1)CCI13052018   Felix Motzoi(2)CCI13052018_2







(David Seaborg – Founder of World Rainforest Fund & Former Vice President of IIBHB, son of Nobel Laureate Glenn Seaborg, co-founder of IIBHB), Charles  Townes (Nobel Laureate, Inventor of Laser, co-founder of IIBHB), Rash B. Ghosh (Charles Townes Professor of Water Chemsistry, inventor of Hydrogrameen, co-founder of IIBHB), Arno Penzias (Nobel Laureate in Physics, helped establish Big Bang Theory, former student of Dr. Townes), Douglas Osheroff (Nobel Laureate for work with Helium-3, Professor at Stanford))















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