Who is Rash Ghosh?

More about Candidate Rash B. Ghosh, PhD.

Dr. Ghosh was an assistant professor at his home university and also acting general secretary of teachers association.

He has personally worked with 3 presidents of Bangladesh and was a freedom fighter who helped found the country.

He is currently a Berkeley scientist and Charles Townes Chair.  He founded a nonprofit institute along with two Nobel laureate scientists of Berkeley.

Dr. Ghosh has extensive experience in environment and water science and has played an important role in water politics for over 40 years and chaired ten international conferences to address water crisis.

He was a scientist at the Bengal Basin, India, Manchester, Stanford.  He was also a leading scientist with The Calif. Dept. of Health Services and The California EPA where he supervised the cleanup of several Superfund toxic waste sites for 14 years.

Dr. Ghosh has also worked on Bengal Basin and extensively investigated Europe’s most polluted River Mersey estuary in Great Britain and also worked on the San Francisco Bay. He introduced the use of multiple indicators species to determine water quality improvement and degradation instead of using single species indicator.

He designed an extensive study on South Bay water quality monitoring for the water Board to implement his work, knowledge, and experience that he developed on the polluted Mersey estuary in the UK in 1982-3.  He later joined Stanford to work in a NASA supported Global warming research project..

He successfully resolved the conflict and long dispute and lawsuits between the San Francisco Water Board and the Citizens for Better Environment and South Bay to all parties satisfaction.   He is also the inventor of Hydro-Technology born in Berkeley, to inject fresh water to replenish the naturally created depleted aquifers which is the safest sources of drinking water.

Dr. Ghosh is a dedicated civil rights activist and has been fighting the California EPA and his local City government for discrimination, systemic racism, hate crimes, and elder abuse for 20 years now. His dispute with the Cal EPA resulted in a newly established case law.

His fight to prevent corruption of local governments received support from many intellectuals and several Nobel laureates in physics, chemistry and medicine to continue his fight against corruption and to build a water infrastructure where needed, beginning in Africa.

We need to rebuild trustworthy friendship between USA and developing countries around the world and provide drinking water to needy people while using our science, technology, and resources to benefit the poor.

We have enough and need to control our greed. Sharing with the needy people of the world and developing meaningful mutual respect is the only way to move to prosperity and peace.

Click the link below to read about an example of corruption and injustice that Dr. Ghosh experienced:

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