Statement on Corruption

Dr. Ghosh has been fighting systemic corruption and racism for the last 32 years in California as a civil rights activist, and made a case law against the State of California in 2000, while at the same time, the City of Berkeley brought forward a non-existing zoning violation which continues to persist almost 20 years later resulting in the loss of his properties, residence, and over $177K to the city. Informed by these experiences, Dr. Ghosh offers a unique platform not tethered to the limitations of either major party.

Unlike 47th Vice President Joe Bidden, who has does nothing but make false promises regarding an end to governmental corruption, Dr. Ghosh has a proven track record and serves as a good example to the nation. Dr. Ghosh has been fighting the good fight for what is right, not only for himself, but for all Americans to restore pride and integrity to all citizens. Dr.Ghosh’s fight does not pertain solely to winning the senate, nor does it pertain to the possibility of presidency or winning a Noble prize, instead, Dr.Ghosh is fighting in order to plant a seed for a better future, a future in which our children can exist in a pluralistic society and citizens can learn to live with mutual respect while treating all people equally. As of now, we have failed in the fight to restore equality and that does not exclude any of the “good” presidents from the last 50 years. A statement without action means nothing, although alone we are almost silent, together we are loud, and a vote for Dr. Ghosh means a vote for a man who will make change through action.

Berkeley Corruption: The Mistreatment of Dr. Ghosh and his Tenants

Dr. Ghosh has a bone to pick with corruption in California of his local government after becoming a victim of a penny-ante city of Berkeley official who caused Dr. Ghosh to lose his home of 17 years, displacing his tenants, his non-profit and his temple activity center. He became one of the nation’s worst victim of elder abuse and gross injustice. Even with the support of Nobel Laureate Charles H. Townes, Father of Laser (supported by his colleagues in France), and the embassies of two governments (India and Bangladesh), the City of Berkeley refused to back down.

Berkeley Tenants Sue Former Rent Board Chairman Jesse Arreguin and Former City Councilmember Max Anderson over Stolen Property

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$177,000+ Check Provided to City for Repairs Never Done

The City and Dr.Ghosh’s Attorney Agreed to Sell the Property Without His Knowledge, Ultimately the Property was Sold as Seen in the Check Above

Appeal from Bengali Embassy

Testimony of Tenant Felix Motzoi, PhD physicist @ UC Berkeley

Testimony of Dr. Ghosh’s Lawyers



The Safety Standard for the city of Berkeley Used Against Dr.Ghosh to Vindicate Him

On June 16, 2015, there was a balcony collapse at 2020 Kittredge St Berkeley, CA, in which six young UC Berkeley students died. Yet, all other residents were able to remain at the property without an evacuation and no regards to any safety violation allegations from the City given that the property is owned by a big developer and friend of former Berkeley City Mayor Tom Bates. The incident was quickly cleaned up despite expressed concern from UC Berkeley Professor of Structural Engineering regarding the moving of structural materials from the balcony before investigation. After the comments made by the UC Berkeley Professor, the former Berkeley City Manger immediately transferred from Berkeley to Oakland, CA.

Senior Zoning Planner, Matt Lee Grant, is one of the original architects who designed a concocted case against Dr.Ghosh to take his property since April 1998 given that the remodeling done to Dr.Ghosh’s residence was approved and signed by all parties including fifth zoning approval by Giselle Sorensen on February 20, 1998. Since then, Matt Lee Grant has actively been working to build a case against Dr.Ghosh to take his property as exemplified below in a memo written to Zach Cowan from Matt Lee Grant on January 7, 2002. Matt Lee Grant initially issued a citation on February 4, 2000 for a zoning violation citation to Dr.Ghosh under the instruction of his supervisor Zoning Manager Mark Rhodes. Matt Lee Grant also initiated this problem, ignoring the request from Dr.Ghosh and City Site Project Officer Inspector keving Moses to issue a use permit for the attic filed on March 18, 1998. Matt Lee Grant has since continued to build a case against Dr.Ghosh, requiring Dr.Ghosh to subit multiple plans in coordination with several architects but none were approved. Later on, the City Housing Supervisor, Carlos Romo, joined with this conspiracy and removed the tenants from the property without following the City’s legal due process. housing rights. Romo also issued the relocation documents one week after the tenants were removed from the property under his leadership. Although the city recommended the contractor Gill’s Electric, who was further recommended by John MacQurrie to address the electrical safety issues raised by the City and approved and signed off by City Electrical Inspector Steve Messenger, the City closed Dr.Ghosh’s house at 1700 Dwight Way despite written confirmation from Gill’s Electric stating that the house was “safe to occupy” on March 4, 2009.

Council Votes to Aid Homeowners

Message Between Superior Court Receiver McGrew and Dr.Ghosh

Letter From Former Acting Chairman of the IIBHB Dr. Sterling Bunnell to City Council Member Mr. Anderson


Tushar Mazumder Cheated by Authorities and by his own Attorney

*Tushar Mazumder’s attorney did not fight to save Mazumder’s rights to the property but instead joined the city, evident in the second sentence of the third paragraph. Mazumder’s attorney, Mr.Evans, had been fully aware that there had been two hearings regarding Mazumder lending of $200k against the property located at 1700 Dwight Way before Judge Frank Rosche, residing dated October 5, 2011 and November 16, 2011 with the money arriving on Dr.Ghosh’s account on November 17, 2011 to comply with Judge Rosche’s orders. The attorney present on behalf on Dr.Ghosh was attorney Jeffrey Alan, classmate of Frank Rosche. The transcript from the hearing held on November 16, 2011 has the aforementioned information on record; however, Mr.Evans did an excellent job in invalidating the Judges order, avoiding Mazumder’s lien on the property which is legally valid and accepted by the placer tittle. As a result, the money allocated for repairs, deposited by Dr.Ghosh to the receiver to comply with the order of Judge Rosche as well as the contractor for the repairs approved by the receiver and the court, were instead used to close Escrow.

Congress Woman Barbara Lee Denies Housing Rights to a Single Mother African-American Family of Five

Barbara Lee has made countless remarks regarding her efforts against the normalization of racism, bigotry, xenophobia and sexism as she claims to “represent these values in Congress and stand up to bigotry and hate”, yet little has been done as all of these are false promises. In fact, Barbara Lee has ignored multiple pleads for help from the very same people she is supposed to represent. Specifically, Barbara Lee has pushed aside a request from a single mother African-American family of five who’s home was illegally taken away from them even though the family was a legal US HUD resident of Berkeley, CA. Several attempts have been made to grasp Barbara Lee’s attention so that she may help this family in need, but no help has been provided.

During the last ten years, Barbara Lee has made several personal public promises to meet with elder scientist Dr.Ghosh to discuss these issues but she has not once honored any of these promises. Instead, Barbara Lee supported Mayor Tom Bates, who ordered all the raids and illegal activities against Dr.Ghohs and his tenants. Many constituents continue to support and show respect for Barbara Lee, but now it is time to examine her results and priorities as she continues to make claims in support for these issues but these claims are noting more than crocodile tears.

For more details, view the five page letter written by Dr.Ghosh to Barbara Lee regarding these issues


Deceleration by Berkeley City’s Project Site Inspector in Charge of Inspecting Dr.Ghosh’s Property Stating that He Approved the Modifications Done to the Property

Robert Kendal, former Project Inspector of Dr.Ghosh’s project, signed off the roof modifications done to 1700 Dwight Way and the entire project which was to not exceed 25 ft while the actual roof height was only 24 ft. Senior Zoning Officer, Matt Lee Grant, made an on site sign off on 1700 Dwight Way for the onsite Montesorri School.

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