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Dear Fellow Americans,

I appeal to all fellow Americans, state, national and local leaders to join me in the fight against corruption, hate, and racism; to unite our people to establish a genuinely pluralistic society based on mutual respect. We need your help and your knowledge and experience to advance our country and people, to make a truly democratic society replacing the hypocrisy and pseudo-liberalism of today.

The reason I am appealing is that I thought that I lived in the most progressive place on earth (Berkeley), which turns out to be a nightmare place and dangerous to leave (because of sudden loss of residency where I was living for 17 years). I am worried about what kind of culture and environment we are creating here for future generations. Can we work together to improve it?

Unfortunately, East Bay leaders remain silent, despite many requests and their election promises. And the media also remains silent, even as my case has attracted support from Berkeley progressive citizens and Nobel Laureate Charles Townes and his colleagues, as well as the Bangladesh and Indian government. So I need some help and guidance, and my tenants deserve better.

As a long time resident of Berkeley, I feel as if we have been living in the past glory of Berkeley given the considerable damage which was done by the cities leadership in the last two decades. Berkeley’s citizens cannot tolerate this kind of weak leadership and tolerance towards corruption as they are not ready to mortgage the future of their children. Not to mention that if this can take place in a city such as Berkeley, one of the most socially liberal cities in the world, I have no doubt the same is happening across the nation.

My goal, commitment, and dedication is to serve the country unselfishly and be an excellent example of service to humanity. Please help me and correct me in whatever way you can guide me, constructive criticism is always welcomed, I am well-intended and need your advice. If you too believe that corruption and systemic racism affect the nation, join me in my cause.


Dr. Rash B. Ghosh

Candidate for U.S. Senator from California

Charles Townes Professor of Water Chemistry

Co-Founder of the International Institute of the Bengal and Himalayan Basins

Inventor or Hydrogrameens (Re-fill Aquafill by Fresh Water)




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