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Introducing US Senate Candidate Rash B. Ghosh

A scholar and freedom fighter, Dr. Rash Ghosh received his Ph.D. from Salford University in the United Kingdom in 1979. His Ph.D. work involved investigating Britain’s most polluted River Mersey estuary in Liverpool Bay.  He came here to study the San Francisco Bay, and introduced multiple indicator species instead of single indicator species, and also designed a monitoring study for the South San Francisco Bay.

As a climate scientist at Stanford University in the early 1980s, he investigated the interaction of climate and canopy chemistry and global warming with his work supported by NASA. Dr. Ghosh also worked for the California Department of Health Services and Cal EPA for 14 years in the mitigation of groundwater contamination at superfund toxic waste sites. He worked to resolve long and complicated disputes between the San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board, the South Bay Dischargers and citizens pro bono to all parties’ satisfaction in the late 1980s.

Since 2000 he has continued to work in the non-profit sector for the International Institute of the Bengal and Himalayan Basins which he founded along with Nobel Laureates Glenn T. Seaborg  (discoverer of ten elements in the periodic table) and Charles Townes (inventor and father of laser). Nobel Laureate Charles Townes created a professorial chair position for Dr. Ghosh in Dr. Townes name in 2007.

Dr. Ghosh is the inventor of Hydrogrameen (a technique to refill depleted aquifers with fresh water, prevent land subsidence, and protect the naturally created safest source of drinking water storage areas), which is supported by many world-class scientists. This technology was born in Berkeley but began in the Bengal Basin and can generate millions of jobs, both in the USA and other countries. In fact, Professor Richard Sakalli, UC Berkeley Leading Authority in Water Chemistry and President of IIBHB, confirmed that Hydrogrameen is a “beautiful and intelligent” solution to address the water crisis. (For details visit:

Dr. Ghosh has stood up against oppression, racism, discrimination, and for basic human rights since his college life. He experienced discrimination with his former employer and was deprived of recognition for his research work when he prepared the most substantial data set globally on canopy chemistry and the interaction of climate and nutrients in the early 80s. After moving to work for the state government, Dr. Ghosh again faced discrimination and retaliation, and subsequently won his case against the Cal EPA, making a case law for age discrimination and harassment (“EPA scientist alleges reprisal in a suit against state employer,” by David Sholz). Thereafter, he left his job in 2000 and began his non-profit work full time.

Nevertheless, the City of Berkeley soon retaliated for the embarrassing loss of the Cal EPA case and made two false claims against Dr. Ghosh in 2000, which were dismissed or dropped.

Over the past 32 years of his fight against systemic racism and corruption and fraud, 20 years of this fight has been against the City of Berkeley ( Dr. Ghosh’s resolve to fight discrimination, corruption, and abuse of authority continued when the city of Berkeley evicted him and his tenants without notice from their home of 17 years on allegations of nonexistent zoning violations. As a result, the city effectively closed his non-profit and non-denominational temple, located at 1700 Dwight Way, Berkeley. After the City of Berkeley placed his properties under a receiver, collected $177,000 from Dr. Ghosh for repairs, and made him spend over $40k for professional services, the City and receiver – instead of repairing the properties – sold them for one-eighth of its current $2.5 million value. The property went to a developer friend as planned in April 2000.

Dr. Ghosh was also falsely accused after an indictment attempt failed by the city of committing crimes, leading to his arrest and incarceration – yet all charges were subsequently dropped due to a lack of evidence. To this day, Dr. Ghosh continues to fight for his right to reclaim his properties. Dr. Ghosh will not return to his house unless his evicted tenants are allowed to return with him as well. Not to mention the fact that the media denies the opportunity to get involved with Dr. Ghosh’s story as what the city did to him is beyond explanation and is “too ugly to get involved” with. Undoubtedly ,the media’s actions prove the unity of the people when it comes to issues relating to the treatment of minorities and elders, treatment which is not only too hideous for a liberal city such as Berkeley, but also too hideous for our nation to stand besides with.

Let us work together to end systemic racism, discrimination, corruption, and abuse of authority; reopen bank fraud investigations, and prevent wars – no more bloodshed for oil in foreign lands. Rather we should provide for infrastructure and US science and technology instead. We should enact the long overdue Equal Rights Amendment, and establish Universal Health Care.

We should eliminate student loan debt to end the exploitation of our young people. Students need to be free to concentrate on their studies in order to become best citizens of the world to protect our leadership and enhance our integrity.

We must restore tenants’ rights and create an environment so they can be homeowners and develop better understanding between tenants and small property owners for their mutual benefits and eliminate homelessness. Immigrants are assets to our nation, so let us stop playing football (Democrats VS Republicans) with this issue. They allowed this to happen, turning molehills into mountains. Mexico is like any other country but they are our immediate neighbor, and their people have long been native to this land.

Although Dr. Ghosh is not a professional politician, he has 40 years of world water politics experience in addition to his experience in the government of his native country, Bangladesh, at the national level, as the youngest member of the Bangladesh Awami League inner circle (see: Background Poster at, and “Father of the Nation”). It may be true that other candidates such as current US Senator Dianne Feinstein and State Senator Kevin Leon, may have more political experience, but they entered politics at a young age and lack other worldly knowledge and experiences which Dr. Ghosh poses such as his experience dealing with the global water crisis . Not to mention the fact that both Diane Feinstein and Kevin De Leon are in full support of the current war effort evident in their involvement with military contractors while Dr. Ghosh does not support the war effort but instead would rather redirect military spending towards providing jobs and public services at home.

Our current political and social situation calls for a truly pluralistic secular society. Dr. Ghosh very much supports this belief as evident in his participation as a civil rights activist who prevented the burning of the Quran, although not Muslim, by providing the first signature against said action.

Let your government and the court work for you fairly and honestly. Do not surrender to corruption if you love your city/ county. Dr. Ghosh appeals to all fellow Americans to join, including leaders in all spheres of life and our national leaders. With your help, we can do it.


P.S. The unprecedented acts of former Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates, city attorney Zach Cowan, and their associates – taking Dr. Ghosh’s house in Berkeley by force, evicting him and his tenants without notice, and roping Berkeley Judge Frank Roesch (for details see poster at into handling his case for more than 10 years until his removal after 3 formal objections. Rash’s neighbors in Berkeley were shocked by these acts. An associate of Dr. Ghosh’s has offered to award $10k to victims of city government corruption who can prove a level of abuse equal or greater to what Dr. Ghosh has suffered.


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