Townes’ Public Letter

Townes’ Letter to City Attorney Zach Cowan (2012)

Townes’ letter to Judge Roesch (2012)

Letter to Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates (2006)

City Council Member Max Anderson Betrays his Constituents and Joins the Corruption

Former Berkeley City Council Member for District 3 (where Dr.Ghosh’s property is located), Max Anderson, never took the time during his tenure to sit down and speak with Dr.Ghosh or his tenants to address the corruption and housing tragedy caused by the few corrupt officials against Dr.Ghosh and his tenants. At Dr.Ghosh’s request, Anderson visited the property at 1700 Dwight Way accompanied by his aid and was convinced that it was a conspiracy but Anderson never took any action. Anderson was also requested to get involved by the Federal Civil Rights Division and Senator Diane Feinstein as he could be instrumental in taking this matter to the Council, but Anderson never complied with the request. Along with that, Anderson was absent during the December 15, 2009 hearing when the City made a false allegation for the illegal boarding of Dr.Ghosh’s property against the Court’s and City’s own order that the boarding must be done internally in a manner that does not appear blighted although it had already been boarded by Dr.Ghosh internally as approved by the two on-sight inspectors. Anderson also did not appear in a meeting set up with the City Manager between Dr.Ghosh, City Council Member Chris Worthington, and Max Anderson to resolve Dr.Ghosh’s housing problem. A single mother Section 8 African-American family of five was evicted with no court order, yet Anderson took no action to help this family in need although he claims to be a Civil Rights Activist fighting for his own people. Anderson never replied to the letter attached below, but did submit a copy of the letter in the attachment to the zoning division but during review of the city zoning file, no attachment/responds were found as the attachment with the letter was missing.

Letter to Trustee in Bankruptcy and Superior Court Receiver Benjamin McGrew (2010)


California Department of Health and Cal EPA Was Charged with Discrimination by the Federal Government Against Dr.Ghosh

During Dr.Ghosh’s work with the department of health and Cal EPA as a scientist, Dr.Ghosh was prevented to take a higher position despite being completely qualified to do so, resulting in a complaint to USEEOC headed by Justice Clarence Thomas. Justice Clarence and his commission made a discrimination determination in favor on Dr.Ghosh and against his employer. But unfortunately, Dr.Ghosh’s civil rights attorney did not attend the final hearing of the case held in the San Francisco Federal Court, resulting in the dismissal of the case.

Within a year, Dr.Ghosh was hired by the Cal EPA Hazardous Materials Lab in Berkeley. The Cal EPA lab was led by Dr. sci nat Wolfgang Fuhs who was then at his retiring age and was very fond of Dr.Ghosh and planned to prepare Dr.Ghosh to take his position which he developed through his lifetime of work. Dr. sci nat Wolfgang Fuhs made Dr.Ghosh an offer to transfer Dr.Ghosh to his team so that Dr. sci nat Wolfgang Fuhs could prepare Dr.Ghosh to take his position.

Dr.Ghosh warned Dr. sci nat Wolfgang Fuhs that his request might not be honored given that Dr.Ghosh employer at the time had previously rejected a transfer request from a different agency. To which Dr. sci nat Wolfgang Fuhs replied that he knows the rules and would handle the request to make sure it happens with no issues. Unfortunately, Dr.Ghosh was correct as DTSC branch Manager Barbara Cook and her superiors in Sacramento prevented the transfer.

This action resulted in another complaint filed to the USEEOC in wich Dr. sci nat Wolfgang Fuhs stood in support for Dr.Ghosh and resulted in immediate determination once again in favor of Dr.Ghosh allowing the State to honor the request. But, Cal EPA did not honor the request thus the USEEOC sued Cal EPA on behalf of Dr.Ghosh which is a rare and unique instance. As a result, Cal EPA apologized for the instance and promised to never treat another employee in a similar manner again.

For Details View the Oakland Tribune News Report

City Attorney Manuela Albuquerque’s Deep Disappointment to the Indian Community

City Attorney, Manuela Albuquerque (SBN 67464), and Assistant City Attorney, Zach Cowan (SBN 96372), concocted non-existing zoning violation cases against Dr.Ghosh to obtain his property located in central Berkeley (referring to cases No. 918-626-2 and No. 921-369-2). This was done in retaliation to Dr. Ghosh in response to an embarrassing loss faced by Cal EPA, former employer of Dr.Ghosh, which has then become a case law.

Prior to this incident, Dr.Ghosh and the city of Berkeley maintained a respectful relationship as both worked together to address the global water crisis and to reduce the toxins in drinking water sources both at home and abroad. (see letter from Mayor Shirley Dean)

Unfortunately, Manuela Albuquerque, fighting against Dr.Ghosh, convinced the city Mayor and the Council to declare Dr.Ghosh’s property as a public nuisance. While the court case was still actively going on, in June 14, 2001, the City Council declared part of 2507 McGee as a public nuisance. This was done while Dr.Ghosh was attending his ill sisters in India, even though he had timely requested an extension from the City Clark and was granted the extension pending formal approval from the City Council.

Manuela Albuquerque, Zoning Manager Mark Rhodes and Senior Zoning Planner Matt Lee Grants, convinced the City Council and the City Mayor that no tenants would be ejected or removed from the premise and the property would be repaired by the Cities fund but a lien would be imposed if Dr.Ghosh could not afford to implement the work the city requested to be done. But, their actions were the complete opposite as both Manuela Albuquerque and Mark Rhodes acted under the direction of Mayor Tom Bates, raiding Dr.Ghosh’s properties on several occasions, taking control of the property, forcing an eviction without any court order which effectively removed the other tenants before both then being fired by the City.

Mark Rhodes appointed Ali Kashani, a local developer and his former employer, as the receiver of Dr.Ghosh’s property as Mark Rhode planned to join Kashani as his future partner.


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