How the City’s Corruption Escalated From a Mound to a Mountain

Below, one can see the abatement order for 2507 McGee. Evidently, 1700 Dwight Way is not part of the abatement order and neither was 2509 McGee or the back roof of 2507 McGee which is confirmed by the internal memo from City Attorney Zach Cowan to the Senior City Planner. According to the City Planner, he was confused as the calculation for the number of square feet needed to be removed is much higher than the actual area which should be removed. Yet, the entire building was taken off. The allegation of abatement against Dr.Ghosh was based on false information and it has now been recycling all over despite the fact that the true information has been provided but is being ignored at all levels. This cover up must be investigate by the proper authorities.


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