Dr. Ghosh is running for the issues that you and I believe in: ending corruption; systemic racism; reform of the judiciary system; universal health care; to end homelessness and the immigration crisis; no war (unless we are attacked), and to invest more in education and R&D. Dr. Ghosh has been fighting systemic corruption and racism for the last 32 years in California as a civil rights activist, and made a case law against the State of California in 2000, while at the same time, the City of Berkeley brought forward a non-existing zoning violation which continues to persist almost 20 years later resulting in the loss of his properties, residence, and over $177K to the city. Informed by these experiences, Dr. Ghosh offers a unique platform not tethered to the limitations of either major party.

As your Senator, I will fight to uphold:

Democratic Institutions; American Traditions; Equality, and Social Justice:

  • The birthright of our children to clean air & water, housing, food, education, & jobs;
  • The laws that keep Americans safe and able to exercise their inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; and our ability to function among the community of nations in the world.
  • No to systemic racism

No American soldiers bloodshed in foreign countries for oil

  • No war unless we are physically attack
  • No regime change
  • Water for oil, not blood for oil.  Water infrastructure needs to be built with low interest loan and partnership among American and local scientists.

Health Benefits for all, with no cuts to Medicare and Medicaid

  • Advance Biomedical Research
  • Maintain Requirements for Insurance Companies to Cover Pre-Existing Conditions

Affordable Housing:

  • Restore Homeowners’ Tax Exemptions taken away by Republican Tax Scam
  • Low Interest loans, sweat equity credits, and other lowered equity requirements for affordable housing programs to help tenants become homeowners, and to eliminate Homelessness.
  • Restore Tenants’ Rights.
  • Property transfer tax and other tax incentives for small property owners
  • Create a Foreclosure Prevention Fund for all Homeowners, not FHA loan holders only
  • Property owners must be allowed to modify their home loans, not FHA loan holders only

Budget and Environmental Protection

  • Budget must be based on eco-economics, and not just a part of the entire budget
  • Replenish Depleted Aquifers to prevent further land subsidence, and protect the naturally created aquifers.
  • Build Water Infrastructure where needed to create millions of jobs
  • Provide low interest loans to address the global water crisis
  • Extend Production Tax Credit to Encourage Renewable Energy
  • Expand the use of a well coordinated energy efficient mass transit system to reduce traffic congestion and make it more affordable
  • Apply Science and Technology to generate income


  • Complete reform of Judiciary system and form  a Judiciary Branch of Government and an expanded Grand Jury system to chase down corruption and eliminate abuse of power, all separate from the Executive Branch
  • Use Expanded Grand Jury to Mitigate the foreclosure fraud, and re-establish property rights for those whose homes have been taken by fraudulent means, starting with the $50 billion allocated for loan modifications, and the $35 billion + “Settlement Fund”
  • Special Prosecutor to Investigate the closing of the Office of Thrift Supervision and failure to prosecute or mitigate foreclosure fraud.
  • Use Expanded Grand Jury to investigate cost overruns of infrastructure projects.
  • Stop building new prisons, rather fund local non-profits to parole non-violent prisoners into jobs skills and other programs.


  • Laser Perimeter Security System to reduce the cost of monitoring the border between USA and Mexico.
  • Streamline citizenship for family members of citizens
  • Formalize a “work-to-citizenship” program


  • Extend Child Tax Credits and Marriage-Penalty Fixes
  • Eliminate Capital Gains Taxes for Small Businesses and Start-ups
  • Create a retirement savings Tax Credit for low income people
  • End Income Tax for Seniors making less than $50,000

Science and Technology:

  • Change Standards for Determining Broadband Access
  • Fund a program to use our advance science and technology to provide services that developing countries need most, to generate business/ income using the pro-bono services of experienced scientists and engineers


  • Student Loan Forgiveness & make education affordable for everyone
  • Create a Consumer-Friendly Credit Card Rating System
  • Provide funds for more Public-Private Business Incubators for Poor Communities
  • Expand low interest Loan Programs for Small Businesses



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